Engineering Your Tubular Heat Exchanger

Process Design Considerations:

Understanding your product is critical to a successful design.

Please fill out the following planning sheet as thoroughly as possible. If you are unable to answer any of the questions below, leave them open. You may be asked to send us a sample of your product and our lab technicians will confidentially develop a profile for your product. This service is free

  • Product Properties

  • (If you don't have accurate data, we may request a sample so we can derive the properties)

  • Viscosity @

  • What is the temperature profile of the product?

What is the flow rate of the product?

Continuous Flow:
Batch Size:

What is the profile of the available Media?

Note: If your plant has heating or cooling media circuits available, please also state any flow and/or pressure loss concerns.

Thermaline does not recommend nor offer direct ammonia cooling in process heat exchangers. We dp offer and recommend an indirect loop. If no media available, please leave media box blank and Thermaline will recommend the optimal

Mechanical Design Considerations:

Our Application engineers will need the following information to provide you with a family, accurate design and proposal for your project.

Caution: Removal of tubes for maintenance and cleaning requires clear space equal to the length of the heat exchanger

  • Height & Width:

  • Height and width of the assembled heat exchanger varies with the amount of tubes

Options Tube Lengths Nominal Actual Overall Length Height & Width
10' 12' TBD Based on Process Requirements
20' (Standard) 22' TBD Based on Process Requirements
30' 32' TBD Based on Process Requirements

Custom Lengths: Custom length are also available to fit your space requirements. Note: Custom lengths are cut from normal size tubing often leaving wasted material.

  • Surface Finish: 32Ra unless otherwise specified here.

  • Important:

  • Please Read and Understand. Measuring the space you have available to install the Thermaline tubular heat exchanger is critical.

Note: Will the finished heat exchanger fit through your doors? In addition, be sure to calculate space for removal of tubes for maintenance and cleaning. This will require clear space equal to the length of the heat exchanger

  • Corrosion Considerations:

  • Different fluids are compatible with different materials used in heat exchanger construction.

Thermaline manufactures heat exchangers in many different alloys including, but not limited to

Need Assistance?

Other Options and Considerations:

Customizing the Thermaline Floating Series Tubular Heat exchanger is easy.

  • Includes: PMI (Positive Material Identification). MTRs (Material Test Reports), Layout Design, Surface Finish Certificate, and QC Certificate

  • Frame Options

  • (check one)

padded feet image
Fig 1. Padded Feet
ball feet image
Fig 2. Sanitary Ball Feet
caster feet image
Fig 3. Casters
caster feet
Fig 4. Wall Mount

Insulation Option

insulated pipes image

Cross Contamination Tester (CCT)

CCT image

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