Food plant safety has always been your number one priority and now the newly enacted Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) follows your conviction with a focus on preventive measures. One of the most critical components in your process is the heat exchanger, which is also most prone to problematic sources of contamination, so why are your test intervals so long? In the past dye testing was used as a preventive measure to identify internal defects which is costly, time consuming and forces extended critical test intervals. As you steer towards compliance with the new FSMA regulations do as thousands of other processors have done and include the Thermaline CCT 4.0 in your critical preventive measures plan.

The Patented CCT (Cross Contamination Tester) version 4.0 complies with 3A, FDA, USDA and FSMA accepted frequent testing and documentation recommendations. A dye test is a method used to find a defect if one exists but using this as a preventive measure leaves the inconclusive interpretation of the results up to the technician and their ability to successfully scan the vast amounts of plate surface area for a microscopic defect. The CCT 4.0 quickly identifies a problem in the assembled heat exchanger, so no need to open the unit, and if no problem exists the equipment can be immediately put back into service. In most cases, with frequent testing, the overwhelming majority of the time the heat exchanger will have not have a problem. Do as thousands of others have and invest in your conviction to food plant safety by including CCT 4.0 in your FSMA preventive measures program.CCT 4.0

How it works: With a few inputs the CCT 4.0 calculates the volume of a heat exchanger and test duration which most tests can be performed in a matter of a few minutes. If a defect exists, the CCT 4.0 will reverse calculate the severity of the defect allowing you to make an informed decision on how to address the problem and schedule the downtime. The results of the test are downloaded for your records and saved to the secure CCT cloud service available for immediate retrieval.

Another Thermaline First – Testing that fits your FSMA plan, schedule and budget. Rent the CCT 4.0 for a onetime test

Sign up for the Thermaline maintenance plan and the CCT 4.0 will ship to you on the prearranged dates. Plan members receive discounts on rental, parts and service.

Third party testing. Hire a factory authorized technician to perform the test(s)

*All include reports, documentation and secure cloud based results retention

Not all food plants are the same but food safety is everyone’s business.