Floating tubular systems for safety, durability, and expandability

Sanitary, corrugated, floating

Simplistic by design, two concentric tubes of varying size are positioned one inside the other. Our design allows the tubes to freely expand and contract independently,  diminishing material fatigue and failure.

  • Excels at processing fluids of moderate viscosity with medium to large particulates
  • Proficient for direct product regeneration
  • Tubes float independently of each other, greatly increasing equipment life

Corrugated tube

Start Working, Not Waiting

Thermaline's tubular systems are custom-engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of your processes. Our engineers will guide you on corrugation and configuration options to meet your needs. 

Inline Mixer

Add Versatility with an Inline Mixer

Adding the Duofloat inline mixer to your double-tube heat exchanger enables you to tune your processing needs to a variety of products. When processing fluids with large particulates, remove the DuoFloat inline mixer to maintain product integrity and then easily reinstall the mixers to ensure thorough heat transfer on your other viscous products.


Tube count per frame 1 to 20
Inner tube diameter 1" to 4"
Inner tube max. pressure 525 to 1100 PSI
Outer tube diameter 1" to 6" (contact us for other configurations)
Outer tube max. pressure 180 to 850 PSI
Available tube lengths 10', 20', 30'
Elastomers NBR, EPDM, Viton
Tube Materials 304SS, 316SS, AL6XN, others on request