Durable and dependable triple-tube heat exchangers

Our sanitary corrugated floating triple-tube heat exchanger products have three concentric tubes of varying size are positioned so the media flows inside and outside of a product zone.

  • Ideal for higher viscosity fluids with medium to small particulates and fluids with large viscosity changes
  • Proficient for direct or indirect product regeneration
  • Tubes float independently of each other, greatly increasing equipment life

Triple-tube end


Tube count per frame 1 to 20
Inner tube diameter 1" to 3"
Inner tube max. pressure 550 to 1100 PSI
Middle tube diameter 2" to 4"
Middle tube max. pressure 180 to 850 PSI
Outer tube diameter 2.5" to 5"
Outer tube max. pressure 180 to 320 PSI
Available tube lengths 10', 20', 30'
Elastomers NBR, EPDM, Viton
Tube Materials 304SS, 316SS, AL6XN, others on request