Exceeding the highest purification and sanitation standards

30+ years manufacturing heat exchangers for hygienic processes

Bio-Pharm processes require high purity manufacturing to the most stringent quality standards. The processing equipment is at the heart of every Bio-Pharma manufacturing facility, from research and development to commercialization. Themaline heat exchangers are designed with the latest advancements in hygienic design and practices to meet process performance requirements.

Key Partnership

Thermaline has now partnered with Advent Engineering, leaders in hygienic Bio-Pharm process designs to introuce a range of hygienic heat exchangers in accordance with the latest ASME/BPE design standards. The Thermaline Bio-X range of shell and tube heat exchangers for Bio-P"harma processing and sanitation systems are designed and manufactured by Thermaline and performance backed by Advent Engineering's expertise in Bio-Paharma Engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis. Thermaline/Advent's CFD research into the relationship of drain-ability and how fluid bypass features can affect performance has led to new standards in thermal dyraulic and mechanical designs.

Thermaline Bio-X shell and tube heat exchangers:

  • Backed by Advent Engineering CFD performance analysis
  • Manufactured to the latest ASME/BPE standards
  • Single or double tube sheet design
  • Surface finishes from 32 to 10 RA / Electropolish
  • Full documentation package, MTR/s, weld maps, process certifications (Borescope and visual inspection, hydro-testing, FAT, EP QR)
  • ASME/BPE certified welds and weld procedures
  • Hydraulically H20 swaged double groove tube joints
  • Stainless Steel, High Alloy, Super Austenitic, Hastelloy's and more
  • Optional Addvent Engineering CFD analysis specific to your process, fully welded insulation jacket, PMI, Videoscope and more

Enhanced Plate Heat Exchanger (EPHE):

Bio-Pharma processes but not recognized in many standards due to their inherent resistance to natural drain-ability. Thermaline's EPHE addresses this challenge by incorporating cutting edge fiver optic laser blanking process to profile and mark each plate. The profile strategically places a drain channel in the upper and lower quadrants to allow for natural draining of fluids. The frame is then pitched per BPE slope standards for equipment and piping drain-ability to further enhance complete draining. Thermalines patent pending SIS plate identification system is added to each plate to ensure proper reassembly after service.

The BIO-PHE line is also available in double wall leak proof technology. Two BIO-PHE plates are pressed together forming a leak proof barrier - if one plate fails the fluid is directed to atmosphere where it can be detected.

  • Single of double wall plates
  • Surface finishes from 32 to 10 RA
  • Full documentation package, MTR's weld maps, process certifications (Borescope and bisual inspection, hydro-testing, FAT, EP QR)
  • ASME/BPE welds and weld procedures
  • Stainless Steel, High Allow, Super Austenitic, Hastelloy's and more
  • Optional full PMI

Predictive-Preventative Maintenance

Thermaline technicians tailor a maintenance plan around your process needs. Using our patented cross contamination test system (CCT 4.0) we can test the heat exchanger for internal leakage and provide a report of the results and best course of action.