Thermaline offers a wide range of gaskets and materials to fit most makes and models of plate heat exchangers. Gaskets for Thermaline units can be purchased online through our parts store or by contacting one of our application experts

For installation assistance check out our 9-part video series Maintaining Your Plate Heat Exchanger. You'll learn about gasket replacement, plate cleaning, and more.

Furthermore, our service technicians provide expert help and insight. Contact us to request a quote, get assistance, or set up a service call. Thermaline can build the perfect maintenance plan for your plant, saving you money and heartache on the budget and timeline that makes sense for your plant.

  • APV
  • Alfa Laval
  • Tranter
  • ITT
  • Sondex
  • GEA
  • SWEP
  • Paul Muellar
  • API Schmid Bretton
  • and many more
  • Nitrile
  • EPDM
  • TEFC
  • Viton

Broken gasket

Thermaline stocks gaskets and o-rings for dozens of heat exchanger manufacturers. 

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