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Design & Purchase A Wort-Chiller Now!

Thermaline's BeerCalc gives you instant access to Thermaline's BrewMaster product line of plate wort chillers, optimized by our engineers to maximize performance.

Thermaline wort-chiller for breweries

With the choice of stainless or carbon steel heads and multiple mounting options, our wort-cooling specialty line of BrewMaster heat exchangers provide flexibility and reliability for a crucial stage in your brewing process. Get instant specs, view drawings and dimensions, and order online

What is the BeerCalc?

Thermaline's BeerCalc is the fastest way to size and purchase a wort-chiller online. Select some simple parameters and you'll receive specifications and pricing instantly.

We start building instantly and ship quickly, ensuring you'll get what you need when you need it.

How does it work?

We pre-engineered and tested hundreds of wort-cooling configurations using our BrewMaster product line of heat exchangers designed for demanding use in breweries.

By selecting a few simple parameters, our application finds the best unit available for your needs and gives you all the available configurations.

What do I need to know?

Only the basics. We've pre-engineered thousands of wort-cooling scenarios so that you can get the perfect chiller with zero fuss.

You'll need to know the number of barrels your brewing setup is, the knockout time that you need to take your wort from boiling to your wort outlet temperature, and the inlet temperature of your cooling media.

If sizing a two-stage unit, you'll be asked for a water temperature in and a glycol/chilled liquor temperature in. These are required as each stage of the unit will use a separate cooling media.

If you still have questions, just start sizing and there will be further information to help you along the way.