Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Achieving the balance between energy efficiency, optimal performance, and dependability is a complicated equation that is easily solved with Thermaline’s years of industry experience and the understanding your process needs. Thermaline plate heat exchangers are used in but not limited to the following industries:

  • Dairy
  • Juices
  • Condiments
  • Beer
  • Wine

Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers

Our tubular heat exchangers utilize corrugation which are turbulence-inducing, alternating parallel grooves and ridges that increase heat transfer efficiency. Inducing turbulent flow results in less total surface area required to achieve the desired thermal results. Turbulent flow promotes thorough mixing of the product and even thermal disbursement without compromising product integrity. Offered in the following configurations:

  • Double-Tube
  • Triple-Tube
  • Multi-Tube

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Thermaline stainless steel Shell & Tube heat exchangers are manufactured in accordance with ASME and TEMA standards. Standard with a mechanical solid seal; backed with a self energized o-ring, ensuring years of uninterrupted service. Some design option include:

  • 304SS, 316SS, Duplex, AL6XN and other materials
  • Single or multi pass
  • Single and double tube sheet
  • Insulation – Stainless Steel/PVC/Blanket
  • High purity surface finishes

Hot Water Sets

Close approach temperatures, precision control, and dependability all come standard on every Thermaline hot water set. Each hot water set is designed around your process, closely matching the steam characteristics with the thermal demand for optimal performance, but still providing the power needed for startups and high demands.

Closed-loop Applications

  • HTST/UHT Loop water
  • Utility water
  • Jacketed tanks

Continuous Supply

  • Clean-In-Place (CIP)
  • Batch heating
  • Hose stations
  • Instant hot water

You Brew. We Build. 🍻

Thermaline's BeerCalc is the fastest way to size and purchase a wort-chiller online. Select some simple parameters and you'll receive specifications and pricing instantly. Customize your unit further and purchase directly online without unnecessary hassle. We start building instantly and ship your unit out quickly, ensuring you can spend more time brewing and less time building.

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Application of Cold Liquor Tanks for Beer Wort Cooling

Brewery tanks

A gasketed plate heat exchanger is at the center of any brewery wort knockout. The efficiency of a knockout is a function of the heat exchangers design. The design of wort heat exchangers will change based on the brewhouse size, knockout time and cooling media temperature. In some systems cooling media temperature isn’t controllable. This causes seasonal problems and delays with wort knockout. Using cold liquor as a cooling media will solve seasonal knockout problems and provide numerous other benefits to the brewhouse.

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