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Heat Exchangers that adapt to changing demands.

Thermaline has a solution for every challenge.

The consumer driven beverage marketplace has undergone a wave of changes over the last decade and will continue to evolve in the future. People judge beverages based on quality, but they are increasingly concerned about nutritional content, prompting a rush of new products and processing challenges. Now more stringent regulations and additional inspections require utmost accuracy and precision in manufacturing and distribution. The call for "eco-friendly" recyclable packaging is also bringing about sustainable practices in production and packaging.

Thermaline understands your challenges and the value of your time. Our engineers have real world experience to solve the most difficult processing issues. Most request for quotes are answered and returned within hours of receipt. We offer a full range of heat exchangers that ship in less than a week and a service team on call 24/7 for maximum up-time. If you are looking for a turn key full plant solution, Thermaline partners with world leading Process Engineering Firms and System Integrators for full plant solutions.

We offer a full line of products and services engineered for the Beverage Industry:

  • Efficient plate and frame heat exchangers designed to exacting standards
  • Wide range of materials able to process the most demanding products
  • Tubular heat exchangers for fibrous pulpy drinks
  • Maintenance and testing for maximum up-time
  • Product testing. No guessing - send us your product for assessment.