Liquid Egg

Heat Exchangers that won't break like an egg.

Precision processing that exceed your demands

Transforming the incredible egg into a consumer safe product is a precise process that requires years of industry experience and a keen understanding of food sciences all under a very watchful regulatory eye. Liquid egg possessing requires precision operation conditions to within a fraction of a degree and high purity manufacturing to the most stringent quality standards. These challenges - along with keeping up with the latest food safety regulatory challenges make the liquid egg processing industry on the leading edge of food processors.

The Thermaline engineering team works with world- leading egg producers to provide industry-specific heat transfer solutions: heat exchangers designed to operate for extended periods of time to within a fraction of a degree, process circuits designed for maximum CIP effectiveness optimizing pressures, temperatures and velocities to achieve unparalleled results, and a full range of automated heat exchangers for ease of opening, inspection and closing so you can quickly return to processing and minimizing downtime.

Thermaline also offers a complete range of onsite heat exchanger services including scheduled PM testing of plates for cracks and pinholes using the Patented CCT 4.0 plate heat exchanger tester, regasketing, and plate installation. Thermaline partners with world leading system integrators for complete turnkey solutions for new installations and retrofits to an existing system.

You have processing and maintenance challenges and we have solutions:

  • Save thousands with Thermaline EZ and TT patented automated heat exchangers built to last and at a fraction of the cost of the competition
  • Full range of plates and gaskets designed for liquid egg processing
  • Patent Pending SIS plate identification system. A small feature that will save you thousands of dollars.
  • Programs that matter: Rapid deployment, preventive and predictive maintenance, cross contamination testing (CCT)
  • Shell & Tube heat exchangers and Hot Water sets for CIP, HTST, Batching, Hot Water
  • Corrugated tubular heat exchangers for processing evaporators and pre-cookers.