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Top Performance. Whatever Process.

Here's some food for thought.

One thing all food processors have in common is that they have nothing in common at all - no two processes or products are a like. Safely processing and packaging food products takes ingenuity, deep understanding of food sciences and the ability to navigate a stringent regulatory environment. From concept to consumer you need a process partner that understands your goals and challenges and can deliver results. Thermaline engineers have decades of experience solving these challenges and assisting Food Processors worldwide develop, improve and streamline their processes. From new installations to retrofits Thermaline understands process and partners with world leading system integrators to provide turnkey solutions.

Thermaline offers a wide range of tubular and plate heat exchangers and our experienced engineering team will guide you in selecting the right equipment for your process maximizing efficiency, run times and throughput. Heat Exchangers designed for maximum uptime and maintenance programs to support it.

Solutions Include:

  • Tubular heat exchangers for particulates, chunks, fibrous products and a wide range of viscosities
  • Plate heat exchangers for a wide range of viscosities and fluids of all types
  • Automated frames for easy opening, inspection and COP/CIP cleaning
  • Shell & Tube heat exchangers and Hot Water Sets for CIP, hot water and processing
  • Maintenance and heat exchanger integrity testing solutions
  • Free Rheological lab testing. No guessing we get it right the first time. Send us a sample of your product for a thorough rheological test.