EZ Automated unit
TT-series rendered
Tube stack 2
Frames and systems available
Corrugated tube
Corrugation close-up
Inline Mixer
Upgrade with an inline mixer
Triple-tube end
Triple-tube heat exchangers
Multi-tube tube end
Multi-tube heat exchangers
Tube system endview
Ready for demanding processes
Tube stack
Large tube stack
HyGen-S Closed Loop
Closed or Continuous Loop
Hot Water Set
Hot Water Set on large skid
Small skid.jpg
Hot Water Set on small skid
PHE plate comparison
Plates for all processes
T28 tab foot
T20 with tab feet
T20 ball foot
T13 with ball feet
T13 Carbon Steel tab foot
T8 with carbon steel heads
T4 ball feet
T4 with ball feet
Industrial PHE
Industrial PHE
Shell And Tube
HygenX Shell and Tube
Shell and Tube
HygenX Shell and Tube