MAde in USAOver nearly 3 decades, Thermaline has created a recognized brand of innovative heat transfer equipment, made in the USA and distributed worldwide. 

We take pride in creating jobs and value in our community and yours while providing robust and innovative heat exchange equipment. From raw material to finished product, our team of skilled fabricators consistently produce some the best heat exchangers available. 

We are constantly improving our processes to meet today's demands, keep our lead times low and our prices competitive. Thermaline has created online tools to put into the hands of our customers, giving them the power to design, quote and purchase our in stock equipment instantly and hassle free.

Contact us today to request a quote or receive further information.

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Our 28,000 SQ/FT Facility

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"The War Room" Where we hold daily GEMBA meetings

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The Office, Home of the Engineering and CAD departments

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Our 6000 ton press

DSC03075 (Large).JPG

Our 315 ton press

DSC03108 (Large).JPG

Expansive iunvantory of plates

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Haas CNC Lathe

DSC03104 (Large).JPG

Haas CNC Mill


Cincinnati CNC Mill

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