Heat exchangers for commercial brewing

100 Bottles of Beer on the Line

Or maybe, it's more like a million.

Consistency, quality, sustainability, regulations, 24/7 production - just a short list of the challenges you face as a commercial brewer. In order to produce millions of barrels each year you must have a deep understanding of high-speed production and know the true value of an effective predictive/preventive maintenance plan. You require a supply chain partner that understands these challenges andd can deliver results. New to retrofits - whatever the project - Thermaline understands your heat transfer needs and partners with world leading system integrators for turnkey solutions.

Thermaline specializes in designing and manufacturing heat exchangers that are used throughout the commercial brewing process: high flow plate heat exchanger for wort colling, heat recovery and pre-heating; shell & tube heat exchangers for CIP; water heating, utility heating; automated opening and closing heat exchanger frames for easy access of plates; and more.

Thermaline has maintenance plans tailored to your process and equipmnt for all makes and models. Technicians work directly with your team to understand the maintenance cycle and develop a plan of predictive preventive mainenance (PPM) to minimize downtime and maximize uptime.

Here is a list of products and services engineered for the commercial Brewing industry:

  • Tubular wort discharge coolers
  • Technician on call 24/7
  • Automated opening frames
  • SIS plate identification system

T50 Automated Frame